Crate washers

Offer of crate washers 

Washing the outer surface of commonly soiled plastic crates. 

The crate washers of the MP series are fully automatic and are manufactured in an all-stainless steel design.

Crate washers description

  • the process of entering, washing and exiting the crates from the washing machine is fully automatic
  • to remove undesirable objects from crates are used crate turners:
    • screw turning of crates
      • turning the crate by 180° using a helix profile in the transport plane of the crates
      • washing the turned crate and another 180° turn
    • "S" turner - a semicircle from the guide profiles is used for rotation   
      • due to the accelerated movement of the crate in a corner and the action of centrifugal force, foreign objects will be released
      • after washing, the crate is turned in another semicircle to its original position
  • crates are washed intensively with a hot washing solution
  • depending on the output and level of contamination of the crates, the washer is equipped with one or several washing sections
  • individual sections have separate tubs with washing solutions 
  • circulation of washing solutions is ensured by powerful centrifugal pumps
  • the last washing section is the rinse
  • the washer is equipped with a so-called "super-rinse" with potable water
  • the washing solution is heated (60 - 80°C) by a steam loop with a temperature control
  • the regulation consists of a temperature sensor, a temperature controller and a steam valve
  • a constant level of washing solutions is maintained by a level sensor and a saddle valve for water supply
  • an important part is the filtration of washing solutions, which is divided into filtration of coarse and fine impurities
  • above each tub is a flange for connecting to the output of steam generated during washing

TYPE                                      OUTPUT                                                                 MACHINE TYPE
MP 1000                                 500 - 1 000 crates per hour                                   automat
MP 2000                                1 000 - 2 000 crates per hour                                automat
MP 3000                                2 000 - 4 000 crates per hour                               automat 

More information

Machine type                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Automat: all versions of crate washers are produced in an automatic version.
Main parts of the machine                                                                                                                                                                                                     crate conveyor
washing tunnel 
tubs with washing solution