5. Februar 2024

Again among the best ones 

We continue to be among the best integrators of FANUC robots into the robotic workplaces we manufacture.

For the year 2024, we repeatedly received a certificate that confirms our qualified partnership with FANUC Czech s.r.o.

Thank you and we look forward to other common projects. 

6. December 2023

NT technics exhibited at BrauBeviale in Nürnberg

The exhibition is the place and time of business meetings as well as friendly meetings with business partners that we don´t meet very often during the whole year.

Thank you everyone who found time and visited us to our new stand. We appreciate that a lot.

Together we managed to finish the existing business cases and planned new ones. We experinced new business meetings there and have faced new challenges.

We look forward to new challenges in 2024 and we hope we bring satisfaction both to the existing and brand new customers.

Positive references, new possibilities and satisfaction of our customers belong to our major drive motor. 


1. December 2023

Brau Beviale 2023

After a three-year covid break, we are returning to our favorite fair in Nuremberg - Brau Beviale.

We will be looking forward to seeing you at the brand new stand, which you will definitely not miss :-) You can find us in hall 7 at stand no. 213

10. February 2023

MONTERO - a challenge that pushed us to a higher level

In 2020, we were approached by one of the largest bed manufacturers - the MONTERO company, asking us to robotize their production process.

Considering that until now we have mainly specialized in brewing for the food industry, creating a robotic workplace for such a large company in a completely different field became a really big challenge for us. However, the way forward is through just such challenges.

There was a long process of development and production, assembly, tuning and testing, which resulted in the successful handover of the contract at the end of last year. We succeeded in a really large-scale project, which is the only one of its kind in Europe. After all, judge for yourself. Watch the video HERE

1. February 2023

Awarded by FANUC

1st February 2023 we were awarded by FANUC Czech s.r.o. 

In 2022 we ranked among the 20 most successful integrators in the Czech Republic based on the number of delivered robots and robotic workplaces.

We are honored and we will look forward to cooperation in 2023! 

3. January 2023


At the end of 2022, we put another robotic workplace into operation at one of our important customers - the company VITAR Tišnov, and thus contributed even more to the efficiency of production.  

VITAR is a traditional Czech manufacturer of vitamin supplements. Number one in the field of food supplements in supermarkets and drugstores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It also offers vitamins and minerals in pharmacies and exports them to almost 40 countries around the world. Under an international license, VITAR in Tišnov near Brno also produces Capri-Sun drinks, which are aimed at the Czech and Slovak markets as well as several other European countries.

We are pleased to share an article from Vitar's newsletter that beautifully describes the work of our robots.


The first robot has been in VITAR since 2019 with  Capri-Sun beverage production line, the second robot was added at the turn of October and November of last year. Each of them has a different function, but they both make production more efficient. We are talking about two robots, with which all the produced drinks converge and then, with their help, go to the pallets intended for dispatch. 

Both are from FANUC, but each one does something different. The older one picks up packages of Capri-Suns tied in four cartons from the conveyor belt and places them on a pallet. The newer one prepares pallets for him, according to a programmed scheme. We use two types of pallets for shipping, and they must be prepared according to the type of beverages that are going along the conveyor belt.

The first robot stacks...

The first of the robots has a clear and actually always the same job-it stacks bundled Capri-Sun packages ready for dispatch on a prepared pallet. Once the pallet is full, it heads to the foil wrap and then to the finished goods warehouse, from where it travels to customers. With this robot, production from all three lines we have converges, and its capabilities make work significantly more efficient and faster. "You can say that if something were to happen to it, production would suddenly cost us. The capacity of manual folding is absolutely impossible to measure with a robot", says Capri-Sun's head of operations, Petr Fiala, who praises its efficiency. 

Emil, as he is sometimes called, joined VITAR with the second production line. The previous palletization system would not allow the processing of packages from two lines at the same time. "When we only had one line, they traveled along a conveyor belt, at the end of which the machine rotated them into the necessary position so that they would not break on pallet. As soon as the level was finished, the machine moved the package onto the pallet and continued again from the beginning. The new system is significantly faster, less prone to errors and malfunctions, and it also has the ability to process output from more lines, which was necessary," explains logistics director Martin Kurdiovský. 

... the second robot serves

Another robot, which was added to the production of drinks last year, has the task of preparing empty pallets for the first one, which is not as simple as it might seem. "We have the robot because we use two different types of pallets - one for the Czech market and second for export. Without second robot, production would had to be guided by where the drinks would go. At one point we could work only with one type of pallet. If we want to change pallets, we have to change the flavor produced as well, which is inefficient, because during these changes there are always some losses - time and raw materials," explains Petr Fiala.

The new Fanuc robot solves this problem - the workers of a given shift on the control panel select which line works on which pallet and the robot hands pallets according to the current need. The whole system is thus more convenient, faster and more flexible, in addition, it is possible to use one of the lines permanently for the production of one type, which was not possible before.

The installation of the new robot took place at the turn of October and November, and it took some time to get everything set up correctly. He should be fully involved in production from the beginning of the year, as all three lines will once again run simultaneously. "When you come to look at it, it may seem that it doesn't do much, because while the first robot works all the time, the second one waits for a few minutes for the pallet to be filled in order to give a new one. However, its contribution is significant," notes Petr Fiala. 

Of course, not one of the robots is without control - if there is any problem, one of the storekeepers or mechanics is able to deal with it. Any bigger problems are solved by NT technics s.r.o. from Chotěboř, which delivered and installed both robots to VITAR."

30. March 2021


We extended the line in Vitar company in Tišnov, producer of Capri - Sun drinks. Now the customer fills on three independent lines. All these lines arrive at the palletizing robot, which can palletize up to 900 packs/hour.

We check the weight of each carton, mark it with a barcode, tape 4 together and than transport it to robotic palletization. We wrap each pallet and mark it with the correct code for storage in warehouse management.

30. October 2021

Fruta Podivín

This year, we helped the ORKLA company in the Fruta Podivín plant with the expansion and innovation of transport routes on the jam and baby food line.

The jams that we transport between the machines the customer distributes, for example to Israel, can be proud of the kosher label. 

15. December 2020


At Borgers, a company that produces non-woven fabrics and moldings for the automotive industry, we installed a new robotic line for the automatic storage of trimmings using 2 robots in attached mobile carts. 

30. November 2020


In VITAR s.r.o. we successfully put into operation the group packaging conveyor system and robotic palletizing, which is part of the second Capri-Sun beverage production line.